We currently offer our in-home IPTV installation services in the Charlotte NC area only.

Everyone wants to save money and now with the new world of IPTV, Internet Protocol TV, you can finally save money by watching or streaming live TV, TV shows, and movies using just your high speed internet connection and an IPTV compatible device sold by FreeTVMovieBox.

The old days of setting an appointment and waiting hours for the cable guy or satellite guy to show up are over.

With several options for watching tv without cable, our professional technicians can help you choose the right IPTV service for you. We can even help you register your account and educate you on the IPTV service format. Whether you prefer Playstation Vue, Youtube TV, Hulu TV, or DirecTV Now, we will provide you with a preloaded Android box that has a complete buffet of live IPTV services for your convenience.

You never sign a contract or feel stuck with FreeTVMovieBox.

Just click on another app and immediately sign up for an account on all of your devices. Most IPTV services offer a free trial so you know whether or not it’s for you without having to commit to a month or year of service.

Our professional IPTV installation technicians will deliver your IPTV equipment to your home on the date of your appointment if you don’t have it already. We check your internet and WiFi speeds to ensure that you have the speed required to watch live TV without buffering and freezing. Then, we go forward with installing your devices and connecting each one to your home or business network. Next, we educate you on the differences of each IPTV carrier – price, number of TVs or devices, free trials, etc. Finally, we help you register your account and get each of your TVs working.

Making the transition from cable or satellite to IPTV can be a little tricky if you are not technically savvy. Even if you have not purchased a device from our FreeTVMovieBox store, we may still be able to assist you with programming your own Android Box, tablet, or Fire Stick set up for IPTV and streaming live TV.

FreeTVMovieBox is here to help you cut the cable and save money.