Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Amazon Fire Stick and FreeTVMovieBox?

FreeTVMovieBox supports 4k video streaming and is KODI-friendly. FreeTVMovieBox operates on a free-source Android platform with no restrictions. Amazon requires an account and issues updates that will alter or erase Kodi if left unattended. FreeTVMovieBox has an easier to operate interface, more storage, and faster processor than Amazon Fire Stick.

Do I Need Cable or Satellite?


Can I and How Do I Access Netflix and Hulu?

Netflix and Hulu are already preloaded for you!

Can I Use This to Replace or Reduce Cable or Satellite Costs and Still Watch Live TV?

Yes. There are several apps that allow you to watch live TV and sports without paying an expensive cable or satellite bill. Read the user guide for more information and setup instructions for each app.

What Channels Do I Get? Can I Use This Like My Cable or Satellite Box?

Yes. You have access to all channels in various resolutions and languages depending on the app you use.

This can easily replace your cable or satellite.

Is There A Monthly Fee?

Each subscriber’s current monthly fee is listed in the user guide.

How Fast Does My Internet Connection Need to Be?

We suggest 15-20 Mbps for the best video streaming experience. A hard wired connection is always preferred over Wi-Fi. Some links will buffer and play slower than others so the faster your internet connection, the higher picture resolution you can watch without buffering and freezing.

Unsure of your Internet speed? You can check it here!

What if my TV does not have an HDMI input/port?

Amazon sells HDMI to component (RGB) or composite (RWY) adapters.

Do I Need a Smart TV?

No. You only need an HDMI input or an HDMI adapter as mentioned in the previous question.

Can I Watch Sports? Local News? Movie Channels?

Yes. You can stream any sports event live (college or pro)- NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, Cricket, WWE, etc. Local news channels are becoming available for most major cities as the popularity of IPTV grows.

You can always use an over-the-air antenna for local channels. Most premium movie channels and networks are available through various apps.

What Else Can It Do Besides Stream Movies and TV?

You can enjoy free gaming and music apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more.

Also, you can take free K-12 and college level classes and stream workout and fitness videos.

Is It 100% Legal?

Yes. We’ve removed all illegal third-party addons inside Kodi. It’s no different than connecting your phone or tablet to your internet to stream video.

If you have cable or satellite, it uses the same Android apps as you tablet or smartphone to stream content. So there’s no worries about hiding from your cable company or worrying about your contract.

Adopted on February 26, 2015, the FCC’s Open Internet rules are designed to protect free expression and innovation on the Internet and promote investment in the nation’s broadband networks. An Open Internet means consumers can go where they want, when they want. This principle is often referred to as Net Neutrality. It means innovators can develop products and services without asking for permission. It means consumers will demand more and better broadband as they enjoy new lawful Internet services, applications and content, and broadband providers cannot block, throttle, or create special “fast lanes” for that content.

Can I Purchase The FreeTVMovieBox 4k Android Box in the Charlotte Area?

Yes. Call (704) 905-2965 for local pickup.

How Long Will IPTV Last?

Kodi and IPTV has been around for years. In fact, many commercial providers are using something like IPTV to deliver the TV service to your cable or satellite box already. The FreeTVMovieBox simply provides an affordable alternative without the added fees of a set top box or high-tier cable or satellite package.

We truly believe this is the future of entertainment!